Our Mission

Our fundamental mission is to reduce subjectivity in motor claims’ estimation and compensation. The consciousness of a need to ensure that vehicles damaged in an accident are repaired using the right methodology, equipment, and skills, to be safely put back on the road. This will continue to be MRC’s paramount social responsibility.

Appointed by PIAM to fulfill the idea mooted by BNM, MRC is tasked to build and maintain a single, centralized motor parts prices and repair times database for the Malaysian motor insurance industry.

Our Role

  • Endorsement

    In October 1998, PIAM, with the endorsement and agreement of its members, decided upon improving market practices in the management of motor insurance claims. This included setting standards to further control against the perpetration of fraud and the protection of consumers. PIAM, with the endorsement of BNM, appointed MRC to:

  • Implementation

    Implement and localize a single, and standard database of replacement motor parts nomenclature, price reference and repair times – based on the internationally recognized Thatcham, UK Standards – to enable the computerized preparation and transmission of repair estimates.

  • Establishment

    Establish and set up a communications hub or Claim Processing Centre (CPC) through which all estimates would be routed for collection and analysis of all claims data. Statistical reports and analysis can then extracted from this information bank and made available to the industry and regulatory bodies.

  • Certification

    Certify and conduct compliancy audits on all front-end estimating systems developed or marketed by software houses that are linked to the MRC Database and CPC.

Parts & Database

MRC build, localize and manage a single national centralized database of automobile parts price and repair times for use as a standard in the processing and recording of automobile claims. The database is mirrored after the internationally recognized Thatcham Parts System (TPS) and Thatcham Times System (TTS) from Thatcham, UK.

Thatcham Parts System (TPS)

The TPS is a comprehensive vehicle parts price database structure. TPS is utilizes manufacturers’ part numbers and up-to-date retail parts prices, whilst applying MRC’s generic parts descriptions to allow ease of parts identification for the preparation of a repair estimate. Where applicable, the data from the TTS is imported and linked to manufacturers’ part numbers and prices to provide a complete dataset ready for implementation within an estimating system. When parts price changes and supersessions are received, these are automatically tracked and maintained by TPS, enabling trends to be monitored or a price history to be generated.

Thatcham Times System (TTS)

The TTS is a comprehensive database for use in estimating the time required to remove and replace vehicle panels and parts. TTS also incorporates the repair methodology to meet manufacturers’ specifications. There are two types of TTS – (1) Composite Time which is repair times categorized based on vehicle types and sizes, whilst (2) Real Times which is repair times based on specific makes and models.