MRC International Training

Aim of The Programme

The purpose of international training is to bridge the gap between different cultures and educational systems, and to enhance the participants' cross-cultural communication skills, adaptability, and global mindset. International training is particularly relevant for multinational corporations, international organizations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations that operate across borders and need to deal with diverse stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, partners, and employees, from different cultural backgrounds.

Training at the Thatcham Automotive Academy

As experts in vehicle repair methods, Thatcham Research’s Automotive Academy is uniquely positioned to provide training and accreditation for both apprentices at the start of their career and for technicians looking to update or reaffirm their skill.

Thatcham Training

Delegates attending Thatcham Research’s Automotive Academy benefit from access to the very latest equipment, technology and repair techniques. As well as underpinning industry standards such as BS10125, our practical and theory-based training courses are at the forefront of automotive research and methods.

Training by Group

The training program will be structured into two distinct groups. Below are the details:

Group 1:
Technical Update
Aim of the Programme

Delegates gain knowledge and awareness of vehicle construction, body types, materials, joining processes, and the technologies that impact the repair of damaged vehicles.

Content Includes
  • Considerations for new materials including, joining processes, modern legislation, consumers requirements, insurance group rating, styling and safety (materials covered include steels, aluminum and composites)
  • Update on Technical documents that support key decision makers in defining safe and appropriate repair specifications, best practice for fault code reading and vehicle resets, and alternative drive trains
  • Diagnostics and pre-requisites for ADAS calibration of screen or body-mounted radar or lidar and placing a hybrid/electric vehicle into safe mode
Group 2:
VDA Full Route Preparation & Assessment
Aim of the Programme

The preparation day provides delegates with the necessary knowledge and awareness of the requirements for the IMI accreditation. The assessment is carried out following the three days of preparation. Included in the preparation are six 15-minute online tests with a required minimum pass rate of 70%.

Content Includes

Preparation and familiarization with the requirements for the following assessment tasks:

  • AOM-050 establishing accident circumstances and occupants
  • AOM-051 establish and record vehicle data, and the pre-accident condition
  • AOM-052 appraising the damage and compiling a safe and appropriate repair specification using researched or VM data
  • AOM-053 establishing accident circumstances and occupants
  • AOM-054 appraising the damage and compiling a safe and appropriate repair specification using researched or vehicle manufacturer data via Images