Repair Tracker

Providing information to the vehicle owner and work provider has become an expected service. RepairTracker can be used as a stand-alone module using data from other systems, or as a module of BodyNet that automatically provides key information on the process of the repair and the performance of the bodyshop.

RepairTracker provides on line access for the repair progress. This information is received and updated real time, giving an even better service level for customer service. Some of the features include:

  • Vehicle owners have instant access to the repair progress through a web site.
  • Updates can be provided via sms or by email to the owner / work provider.
  • Original estimates / images and invoices can also be view if required.
  • Full contact information of the repairer and work provider is displayed.
  • Create claims and update the details.
  • Instant update via email to the users, repairers & insurance company.
  • Allow work providers to select the repairer and send notification.
  • Record all claims information.
  • White label with user’s corporate identity.
  • Fleet company vehicle management.

Having information readily available, with easy access is a key benefit to all parties concerned with the repair. Some of the key benefits of RepairTracker include:

  • Access to real time information saves time. Receipt by sms or email means no contact is required by the vehicle owner direct.
  • Work providers receive the benefit of having instant access to key cycle time and claim information from bodyshops. Without the need for any additional systems or integration, claims and repair information is accessible on a real time basis.
  • Give brokers and agents direct access to the claim registration.
  • Monitor the cycle time and update the repairers.
  • Real time jobs notification to the repairers.
  • Real time repair status / report status to the insurers & owners.
  • RepairTracker access can even be designed into your own corporate web site and branded accordingly with your logos and company information. Have your customers log into your website to view their information.

For work providers, setup and training takes less than half a day. This can even be done on line or over the telephone if required.

For repairers, training usually takes around 30 minutes over the telephone for them to successfully update jobs in the system