Parts & Automotive Database

MRC build, localise and manage a national centralised database of automobile parts prices and repair times for use as a standard in the processing and recording of automobile claims. The database is mirrored after the internationally recognised Thatcham’s PLAZA Parts System and PLAZA Times System from United Kingdom.

Thatcham’s PLAZA Parts System
The PLAZA Parts System is a comprehensive vehicle parts price database structure. It utilises manufacturers' part numbers and up-to-date retail prices, whilst applying MRC's generic parts descriptions to allow ease of parts identification for the preparation of a repair estimate.

Where applicable, the data from the PLAZA Times System is imported and linked to manufacturers' part numbers and prices to provide a complete dataset ready for implementation within an estimating system. When parts price changes and supersessions are received, these are automatically tracked and maintained by PLAZA Parts System, enabling trends to be monitored or a price history to be generated.

Thatcham’s PLAZA Times System
The PLAZA Times System is a comprehensive database for use in estimating the time required to remove and replace vehicle panels and parts. It also incorporates the repair methodology to meet manufacturers’ specifications. There are two types of PLAZA Times System:

  1. Composite Times which is repair times categorised based on vehicle types and sizes, whilst.
  2. Real Times which is repair times based on specific makes and models.

Both times contain:

  • The removal and replacement of panels and parts by evaluating the number and type of welds.
  • The removal and replacement of mechanical, electrical or trim items by analysis of the number of bolts, clips or screws.
  • The refinishing times with the paints, database to reflect modern day methods and EPA compliant materials.

Vehicle Makes & Models in Automotive Database
Currently, the MRC Automotive Database has parts prices of over 1,500 derivatives (car model variants) from 33 makes (manufacturers, brands or marques), which covers more than 90% of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles on Malaysian road today (derived from accumulated Malaysian Automotive Association report). The makes are: