About Us

The ONLY concessionaire appointed by The General Insurance Association of Malaysia (Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia – PIAM) with endorsement of The Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia – BNM), MRC fundamental mission is to reduce subjectivity in motor claims’ estimation and compensation. The consciousness of a need to ensure that vehicles damaged in an accident are repaired using the right methodology, equipment, and skills, to be safely put back on the road. This will continue to be MRC’s paramount social responsibility

As part of MRC’s commitment to both PIAM and BNM in standardizing the vehicle damage estimation and assessment, MRC is conducting a reliable training program for the industry standard. With collaboration with The Institute of Motor Industry, UK (IMI), our training programs are approved and certified IMI and recognized globally.

We welcome the participation of all stakeholders of the industry in our training programs. This will also instill greater professionalism in the industry as a whole.