Fees: RM 28,000.00
Corporate Discount (%): RM 3,000.00
HRDF Claimable 50%

Technical Update / 2 Days Course

Provide insight into new technology with knowledge and awareness of new materials and technology that impact on the repair of accident damaged vehicles. Demonstrating the emphasis and to ensure the integrity of repair with appropriate repair method.

To inform delegates and provide insights into new technology, demonstrating the emphasis and need for appropriate methods and technical information requirements to ensure the integrity of repair.

This course will provide delegates with knowledge and awareness of materials, joining processes, fuel types and technology that impact on the repair of accident damaged vehicles today. It also provides insights into what the repair sector could see and what it might look like in the future.


  • Considerations for new materials including, joining processes, modern legislation, consumers requirements, insurance group rating, styling and safety (materials covered include steels, aluminium and composites).
  • Update on technical documents that support key decision makers in defining the correct repair procedures, inclusive of new repair recommendation guidelines, best practice for fault code reading and vehicle resets etc.
  • Update on powertrain technologies including Hybrids, Electric Vehicles and Fuel Cell technology.
  • Update on advanced electronic technology including lightning, ADAS and associated features.


  • Diagnostics and best practice, HV safe mode, ADAS calibration and insight to joining technologies.

High Voltage Vehicle Awareness / 1 Days Course

Provide an in-depth knowledge of Handling Electrical Vehicle and Hybrid Vehicle System.

A one day Theory and Practical course for Bodyshop Technicians, Vehicle Damage Accessors and Insurance Engineers.

To provide an in-depth knowledge of handling Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Vehicle Systems.


  • Health and Safety requirements.
  • Best practice during inspection, analysis and repair.
  • Petrol / Diesel electic hybrids.
  • Front drive hybrids with electric only drive for rear wheels.
  • Electric vehicles.
  • Value of battery.

Aluminum Repair Awareness / 1 Days Course

Due to technological advancement, this program will bring delegate's attention about the awareness how to repair correctly and the importance of following aluminum repair procedures accordingly.

The course is suitable for those new to the concepts of aluminium repairs and provides an awareness of hazards when specifying and conducting repairs.

This course is designed to give the delegates knowledge and awareness of working with and repairing aluminium and the possible repair scenarios along with panel repair and replacement requirements. Providing knowledge of the fundamentals of aluminium panel construction, repairs and joining methods with awareness of specialist tooling required to carry out these repairs.


  • Riveting - structural and non-structural.
  • Bonding.
  • Aluminium shell for observation of panel replacement and contruction.
  • Tooling.
  • Crack testing.
  • Penetration of welds - Etching and use of scope.


  • Diagnostics and best practice, HV safe mode, ADAS calibration and insight to joining technologies.


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